Display Advertising

Display ads are one of the most popular types of online marketing. Marketers use this tactic to target specific users with particular traits to boost the ads’ effect. If your goal is building your dispensary, generating leads, or increasing conversions, and you haven’t been using display ads, you’ve been missing out a lot.

When you create display ads that target the right audience with the right message, you have a high chance of increasing brand awareness and ROI.

But, how do marketers know who to target?

Marketers use cookies, which keeps information of users whenever they visit your website. Cookies can track whether a user left without purchasing anything so that the marketer can retarget the user in other sites they visit.

So, what exactly is display advertising?


What is display advertising?

Display advertising is a form of advertising a product or service using images, graphics, videos, text, animations, or logos through social media platforms or third-party websites.

Display ads are placed on designated areas of a website and are divided into three basic categories:

Types of display advertising

There are three main types of display advertising campaigns:

Advantages of display advertising

Are you thinking of utilizing display ads to send a commercial message to your audience?

Though display advertising typically has a low click-through rate in nearly all platforms, it’s a perfect way to increase online visibility and conversions.

If you aren’t advertising online, here are some of the reasons why you need to display ads for your dispensary.

Since display ads are created using graphics that can be designed in your brand’s style, you can create content in the form of videos, animations, or audio to draw your audience towards the product or service you offer.

Display advertising facilitates brand awareness since they are found on websites that potential customers visit frequently. Therefore, making your brand familiar.

Retargeting allows your dispensary to feature targeted display ads in front of your audience who formerly visited your website as they surf. Retargeting is a perfect way to engage with potential clients, whereby a well-created display ad may influence them with an intent to make a purchase.

Display ads host interactive media content, which as been shown to increase conversions. Besides, they allow you to track customer engagement using display advertising networks such as Facebook audience network and Google display network.

Now that you know the basics of display advertising, are you ready to scale your dispensary by implementing display ads? If your answer is yes and you have no idea where to get started, Greener Elements Marketing will help your disoensary stand out from the crowd by displaying your dispensary ads to users interested in your products.