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FAQ About Marijuana Marketing

After legalization for recreation in Colorado, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Vermont, District of Columbia, and Washington last November the marijuana industry has grown exponentially. Officials at the state legislature estimated the marijuana industry will bring $200 to 500 million by the end of Dec 2020.

Marijuana is a complicated business venture for even the most seasoned professional. While demand for this product continues to grow, many new business owners are encountering an unexpected complication, marketing their business. Marketing for marijuana is fraught with complication, as there are certain limits to marketing a substance like cannabis. Many business owners often default to traditional marketing and advertising methods, the industry has changed and digital marketing is where it is at. From building a unique and effective website to optimizing all content for SEO, digital marijuana marketing experts have the experience to market you business and translate clicks to dollars in your pocket. Below are some of the most common question business owners ask about marijuana marketing, and the answers that only the experts can tell you.

Q. How do marijuana businesses continue you invest in affordable marijuana marketing in an increasing market?

We recommend business owners think outside the box of traditional marketing. Instead of spending your entire marketing budget on print or television, place that investment in digital marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC Web Design Etc. These marketing opportunities offer a better ROI and are proven effective.

Q. Can we use social media to promote my business?

Yes, However, there is a certain restriction on what you can promote or share on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Never solicit or appeal to viewers under the age of 21.

Q. What are the limits to marketing marijuana on social media platforms?

All marijuana marketing or advertising content must not contain any statement or illustration that may be misleading, promotes irresponsible use, promotes the effectiveness of the product for the treatment of any condition, or depicts a minor consuming the product.

Q. Can we use Google Ad words or other advertising links within websites to promote my cannabis business..

Yes. Just be sure to research any restrictions or recommendations.

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